Oh Skin So Smooth

We all know that amazing feeling after Spa treatment when your skin feels and smells so good, you just want to keep sniffing your own arms😂😂😂

I love to replicate that feeling as much as possible so I create my own skin products from the finest ingredients. Only the best, right? Body Butter is one of my specialities. I have been hunting for the perfect texture for a while now. And I finally achieved it. That merengue like texture that stays soft even when it gets colder. So what did I use?

The ingredients are simple but bare in mind my recipe makes about ten 200 ml jars of Body Butter so if you’re making just for yourself, you have to do the math. But why not give Oily gifts to your loved ones instead of buying things from stores?

Smooth Skin Body Butter

500 g of Pure Shea Butter

250 g of Organic Coconut Oil

200 ml of Pure Jojoba Oil

30 drops of Young Living Lavender Essential Oil

30 drops of Young Living Elemi Essential Oil

In a double boiler, first melt the Shea Butter as that takes the longest. Once almost melted, add the Coconut oil. When completely melted, take off the double boiler and add the Jojoba Oil. Mix well together so the ingredients combine

Let it harden. This was a challenge this time around because even though it’s November, the day was very warm and my mixture was not getting hard enough even hours after. I had to remove few things from my fridge and put the bowl there.

Once your mixture hardens, start whipping, using a mixer. I love my Kitchen Aid, because it does the job perfectly and I don’t have to hold it.

Getting the right stiffness of the mixture before you start whipping is crucial. If you let it harden too much, it won’t be smooth enough. Trust me, I’ve made that mistake once or twice.

At this point, add your essential oils. This time I chose Lavender and Elemi. At the end of this post I will explain why I chose these two oils.


After you added the essential oils, keep whipping for about 3-4 min. Scrape the sides of the bowl and whip some more. You want thick, smooth texture. Transfer in sterilized jars and close the lids.

So why did I use Lavender and Elemi Essential oils?

I love Lavender for my skin. It is very calming and has amazing scent. Not only that, it has proven antimicrobial properties, meaning it helps to prevent bacteria and fungi to grow. So when applied on skin, it helps with itchiness and may prevent infections. It is also used as a home remedy for burns and skin inflammation. I use Lavender after sun exposure because it helps my skin to recover. And I always have it handy when I’m ironing😜. Lavender helps with many different skin issues and is baby friendly, so you can use it for whole family.

Elemi is another very calming, beautifully smelling oil. It has great healing properties. When diffused, it helps relieve stress and anxiety. Using Elemi helps boost immunity system and supports respiratory health. For skin, it has calming and healing effects and acts as a tonic for our body.

So combination of these two essential oils in this Butter butter makes a beautiful, calming mixture.

Naturally, I only use and recommend Young Living Essential oils. I made a blog post about it so you can read it or send me a message and I’ll explain the Why’s

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Why Young Living?


Essential oils are sold literally everywhere. You can buy bottle of Lavender for few bucks on the internet. So why pay top price for it? I was asked many times why I chose Young Living and not any other company. Well, integrity and trust. There is no law as per what can be in your bottle of Essential oil. The FDA requires that there has to be 5% of Essential oil in a bottle for it to be called Pure, Therapeutic or Organic Essential oil. Yes, only 5 %. So the rest can be carrier oil or basically anything else, because makers do not have to put ingredients on the bottle! So you have to trust your company and you have to choose well so you know that there is not something else in that bottle. You have to know that the bottle of Lavender you bought contains only Lavender.  That is why I use Young Living. When you are buying Young Living Essential oil, there is 100% of that oil.

Young Living has absolute control over their oils from the planting up to sealing in the bottle. They grow only on virgin lands. Before they start planting on their farms, they make sure the land was never fertilized. They are so transparent and open that you can fly to any of their farms, open any door and see for yourself. No other company will do it. Because Young Living is the only company that owns their own farms. They also harvest the crops themselves at the peek of its value and distill it at the right temperature. If you do visit their farm, beware that you will most probably be asked to pick weeds, as they handpick the weeds on all their farms!



Why should we pay so much attention that our Essential oils are organic? Well, if you do not buy organic, imagine they sprayed all that field with pesticides. These sprays are dangerous to human body, we know that, that’s why we try to buy organic food. Now if you are eating non organic food, you are getting little bit of the pesticide. BUT if you are using Essential oil that has been sprayed with pesticides, you are getting huge amount. Did you know it takes 27 square feed of Lavender plants to make one bottle of Lavender? So when you are using Essential oils, it is same like eating the whole field sprayed with pesticides at once. And we do not want that. This is why you want to make sure you oils are organic and no pesticides. Young Living has only Organic oils.

So does it really matter? Can you tell the difference between any essential oil? Well imagine you had a 100 ml bottle of 100% orange juice. You take 95 ml out of it, leaving only 5 ml in it and fill it up with water.  Would you taste the difference between the 100% and the 5%? It also matters, if you only use your oils in your diffuser, because if you do not know the source of your oil, you might as well be inhaling all the bad things that are in the bottle together with the oil. All oils are not made equally. Same as all food is not made equally or all wine is not made equally. The product is just not same.



As per size, essential oils are smaller than cells and viruses. They can penetrate your skin faster than any modern medicine. They can affect every cell in the body within 20 minutes. Essential oils can have profound physical, physiological and psychological effects on your body. There is special rules about how to use essential oils with children as well and I can help you understand how to use Essential oils safely at your home, for your beauty and your family. Make sure you keep in touch with me through this blog, my Facebook http://www.facebook.com/mamadslife or in my Oily Family Group on Facebook as well.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1260361580700354

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Consult a physician before starting any weight-management or exercise program.