Simple pleasures

I love food. Everybody knows it, it’s quite my thing. Besides being the Oily lady, I am the Cook all the time lady too. And because I love homemade food and good food, I try to involve my oils when I can.

Why? It is very simple. Ingesting oils is very beneficial for your health and for your digestion. But before I start explaining how and what and why, let me be clear. Not all oils are created equally and most essential oils, especially those you buy in stores and over the internet sites, like Amazon and Ebay, cannot be trusted. Why? Because you don’t know where they come from, if they were sprayed with chemicals or diluted with something. For this reason I only use Young Living Essential oils.

Using Essential Oils in your kitchen has many benefits to your health, but in a long term, it also saves you money. 1 drop of Essential oil goes a long way so you do not need to be buying fresh herbs over and over. 1 drop also have much more nutrients than bunch of herbs. Am I am not even mentioning dry herbs as drying herbs might keep the flavor, but looses 95% of the therapeutic potency. Plus with the oils, you always have them on hand, you do not need to run to the store every time you decide to make salad dressing.


Although it might seem little bit pricey at first, once you create your collection, you realize it is very economical and very beneficial to your family. Also, Essential oils, when kept properly, have no shelf life. They do not expire. Fresh herbs go bad within few days, dried herbs and spices also have to be thrown away after some time as they loose their taste and smell and might get moldy. Not your oils. So just make sure you buy the best oils out there and by best oils I mean Young Living. Trust me. Go with me. You can send me Thank you note anytime. You gonna love it.

So it’s Friday night and I am thinking of what to make for dinner. In Czech, we often have cold dinners. I was not really sure what I will make but then I went to store and saw these beautiful radishes in the organic corner. And dinner idea was born. I baked Sourdough bread earlier that week, so I just bought butter and the radishes and went home. I made something I ate often as a child, very simple and super lovely. Bread with butter and radish. I sprinkled Rosemary Salt on it. Why? Because Rosemary salt makes everything better. And I mean EVERYTHING! Once you make a batch of your own, you will put it in every meal you can.


How I make it? Very simple. You want slightly coarse salt. Not too big grains, because you do not use a salt mill. You take 200 ml glass jar ( I mostly use jam jars or something similar, that has lid) and fill it 2/3 with the salt. Then you take your Young Living Rosemary Essential oil and put 2 drops in. Close it and shake the bottle very well. Then put 2 more drops. Done. I recommend making this at least an hour before using for the first time. Shake it every few minutes to make sure it gets absorb evenly. Then use for the dish of your choice.


And why is there Lemon Essential oil on my picture? Lemon Essential oil is one of the most phenomenal oils. Not only it tastes great and is fantastic for our health, it also removes petrochemicals. So when I brought my radishes, I soaked them in a bowl of water where I put 2 drops of Lemon Essential oil. The Lemon oil removes all the dirt and yuck that has been on your food and leaves is clean for you to eat. I do this with my strawberries, grapes, apples, you name it. Lemon Oil for the win. And it is also one of the cheapest oils Young Living has so it is totally affordable. And it is a part of the Premium Starter Kit, because there should be bottle of Lemon in every household. I will tell you why some other day.



If you want to know more about Premium Starter kit and how to get your oils with 24% discount from retail price, you can sign up here . If you want to learn how to get your oils for FREE, send me a message . You can also connect with me on Facebook to learn more about the amazing uses of these oils, recipes and ideas. I would love to hear from you and connect with you and help you to chemical free life


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Consult a physician before starting any weight-management or exercise program.

Chemical Free Hair Deep Cleanse

As any other part of our body, our hair is constantly overloaded with toxins and chemicals we encounter during the day. It builds up and sticks on our hair and scalp. Store bought Deep Cleanse products are very strong and they dry out our scalp and hair.

I prefer using natural products made with my beloved Young Living Essential Oils. I only use Young Living because they are the best and guaranteed 100% organic.

This is simple Deep Cleanse you can do at home. It does not take much time and effort  You need Lemon, Rosemary and Tea Tree Essential oils, 100 ml bottle and aprox 80 ml of warm distilled water. All these oils are high in monoturpines. The Lemon is very good in removing petrochemicals and the blend of these three oils will have you clean your hair and scalp.

You add 20 drops of each oil. Add them to your bottle first and swirl the bottle around to blend them well. Do not shake at this point! Oxidizing the oils in the bottle would ruin them. At this point, you can let it sit in the bottle for about 24h for the oils to synergize or you can use right away. If you will be applying right away, add warm water. Now shake so it will combine and mix with the water.

You should wet your hair before you add the warm water. Once you mix it with warm water, you apply right away. Use Dropper bottle or Sprayer Bottle for easy application. Shake while applying. Then cover your hair with a shower cap and wait for at least 10 min, but you can wait longer. Depending also how much build up you have.

Then wash off regularly and use your Essential oil Conditioner
This quantity is good for shoulder length hair. If you have short hair you may use half of the amount or double it for longer, thick hair.  Remember this is not your every day routine, more like once in a while so the amount of Essential oils used is high.

If you would like to learn more about Essential oils, how to use them and also how to buy them with 24% discount, send me a message and connect with me on Facebook 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Consult a physician before starting any weight-management or exercise program.