It’s Lip Balm Time Of The Year

With fall comes the crisp air, wind and cracked, dry lips. We all love having soft lips though, right? So we run to first drugstore to buy lip balm. Some are better than others but the best is the one you make yourself. Why?

Many store bought lip balms contain irritants and basically the more we put on, the less luscious our lips feel. Some of these ingredients can also cause inflammation and dehydration of the lips. We definitely do not want that.

So best to make it yourself so you know what you put in. For added flavor and benefits, I add Essential oils. For my newest batch of lip balms, I used Spearmint Essential oil. I love the smell, the taste and how it naturally plumps the lips. Before, I used Orange and Frankincense, both were yummy. It is really up to you what oil you use.

I use beeswax in my recipe so I am well aware it is not vegan, I would love to hear your tried vegan recipe too! Please do share with me.

Here is my recipe


1.5 tbsp of Beeswax

2 tbsp of organic coconut oil

2 tbsp of coconut butter

15 drops of Spearmint Essential oil

This will make about 9 or 10 lip balms.


First of all, prepare your lip balm containers next to your stove. On a double boiler, start melting the beeswax.

It takes the longest. Once almost melted, add the coconut oil and cocoa butter and melt completely.

Remove from heat and quickly add the essential oils, mix together and pour into the containers. You really need to act quickly as the lip balms start to set.

I like using glass measure cup in the double boiler, because it’s easy to pour from it. This is very simple, failproof recipe. Even my 9 yo son was able to make it by himself! So it gives you great activity with kids. They will love making their own lip balm and will be more willing to use it. Or gift it to family and friends!

You know I love using Young Living Essential oils only. I have my reasons why I only trust this company. If you would love e to learn more, you can get in touch with me through this page and I’ll be very happy to explain.

If you want to order some Young Living Essential oils, you can either click Here and create your own account or send me a Message and I’ll help you get you the best deal on your oils.

I would love to hear from you, how you love the lip balms and if you have any modifications to the recipe.

Does Beer Belong To Our Beauty Routine?

In my country, Czech republic, Beer is part of our life. We produce the best beer in the world and we love it. We are number 1 in beer consumption per capita. It is cheaper to buy beer in a restaurant then buy soft drink! Yes! It’s just the way it is. Czech people love their beer and are not afraid to use it. For everything and anything.


My mom has few amazing recipes for beer marinated meat dishes, I marinate ribs in beer before BBQ. It’s delicious and juicy. Manufaktura, Czech cosmetic company, has entire line of beer cosmetics that is based on Czech beer tradition and they are popular around the world. First notes of using beer in cosmetics in Czech dates to 10th century! You can also find Beer Spa in many cities in Czech republic. Yumm




Beer is a unique source of vitamin B, minerals and polyphenols. It helps to regenerate skin and to protect it from outside damage.  When it comes to hair, it helps hair to de-tangle after washing, gives it extra shine and protects and regenerates the hair. Basically in Czech, Beer is an answer to everything.

Thanks to my Czech friends, I was offered the opportunity to share my love for healthy beauty routine on Japanese Tv Channel 1, Asa Ichi. They wanted to show how you can use beer, besides just he obvious, drinking it. The show was fun and interesting, they cooked Beer Rice, Beer Pancakes and Doughnuts, used beer for cleaning the house and also showed beer bath and my own beer hair care. They came to our house for a fun shoot.


First of all I did simple Hair Beer Rinse. It is very traditional hair routine in Czech. Our grandmas did not buy expensive hair products yet had beautiful and strong hair. After washing your hair, simply rinse your hair with aprox 500 ml of beer and massage it into your scalp. Let it work for about 5 min then rinse with cold water and dry. Your hair will be smooth, shiny and the color brighter. If you do this regularly, your hair will grow stronger and if you have dry scalp, it will help with it too.

The next thing I showed them was Hair Spray for volume. This one I make in small quantity, so I can use it up in 2-3 uses. Approx 100 ml of beer, 3 drops of Lavender, Rosemary and Cedarwood Essential oils, Mix together and spray on your wet hair. Blow Dry and style as usual. Your hair will hold in place, no need to buy hair spray from the store, which is full of chemicals! Beer and Essential oils together will keep your hair in place, while giving it nutrients and vitamins it needs. Lavender, Rosemary and Cedarwood are my favorite oils when it comes to hair and I use them all the time. They help to regenerate hair to grow faster, stronger and shinier. My hair is so strong now that I use my oils regularly! What I like best about this spray is that I do not need to use store bought spray that has way too many chemicals in it, yet it does the job just as well and also makes my hair healthier. And my hair smells amazing! It is pure pleasure to use this spray. After using the spray put the remaining liquid in the fridge. Honestly best to make just small quantity. Also note I only use Young Living Essential Oils because they are the only company that offers Seed to Seal Guarantee and I know my oils are the best quality. That for me is super important. If you already go the extra step to use natural product, make sure your oil is also 100% therapeutic grade and has not been tinted. You can read on my article to learn more about Why Young Living


There is much more uses for Beer when it comes to Healthy Hair. Need a Hair Mask for Damaged Hair? Whisk 1 egg and 30 ml of Beer, 3 drops of Cedarwood Essential Oil and 3 drops of Clary Sage and put on washed hair. Massage into your scalp and let is work its magic for about 15 minutes, covered with foil and warm towel. Then wash off. You will love your hair.


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You can watch the video HERE  Please note it is a recording from my phone so the quality is not that good. But I hope you enjoy it none the less.




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What to do with Your Starter Kit

I have been raving about Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit. It is amazing and the best value for anybody who wants to start her/his oily journey. It has 10-12 5 ml bottles of Essential oils, Difuser, some sharing samples and small sharing bottles.

It is the best way to start replacing your conventional products in your home. If you go to your cabinet right now and turn any bottle of your store bought products, you will see ingredients you can’t even pronounce. If you Google it out with the word risks, you will see all the harmful effects those chemicals have on your health. The chance is, you will be so shocked, you will never use that product again.

And this is where Essential oils come in. Not any oils though. Young Living Essential oils. Young Living is the single best company in the world and the only one that guarantees you Pure, Organic oils. No chemicals, no pesticides, no tinting. Because if you already go as far as using Essential oil, than why would you use cheap ass oil where you have no idea how it was sourced and which might probably contain chemicals? Read my article about Why Young Living

So now you are all intrigued about what to do with these oils besides having the house smell lovely? If you follow me, I will share many useful tips with you.

Basically you have three ways how to use your Young Living Essential oils. By Inhalation (the Premium Starter Kit comes with beautiful diffuser). You will gain their health benefits simply by breathing in their scents. Topically, because you may apply Young Living Essential oils anywhere to your body, except your eyes or inside your ears. Some oils can be applied neat, some need dilution. Again, if you join me on this oily journey, I will teach you which oils need to be diluted and which don’t. I will also teach you safe use of these oils for your children so they can benefit from the oils as well. And lastly, Ingestion. Yes, Young Living Essential oils are so amazing, you can ingest them. You can add them to your water, to NingXia Red shot in the morning, in vegetable capsule as a supplement or in your meals. I am putting together new healthy cookbook as we speak but I often share my favorite recipes with Essential oils. Ingesting Essential oils is very beneficial for your health, digestion and gut health.

So here is quick summery of the oils that are mostly to be included in your Premium Starter kit. Please note that oils in the kit vary depending on your location.


It has very calming, yet refreshing scent. It brings you sense of peace and harmony. I love using it before bedtime. It is also amazing for skin so I include it in my face serum or in my Make Up remover. I also have a Lavender Spray that I use on our pillows before bedtime. I diffuse Lavender often for my husband who has hard time sleeping. Lavender is also amazing to sooth bug bites, mosquito bites or burns. If you are cooking often, you will sure appreciate Lavender in the kitchen in case you burn yourself.



One of the oils that you will not be able to live without. It supports healthy digestion, cools your body and your muscles, promotes circulation and healthy respiratory function. It is natural energy booster. I carry it with me when I have long drive as it keeps me alert. You can put it in your bath salts when you are tired or soak your feet in few drops of Peppermint Oil and Epsom Salt after a long day. I add a drop of Peppermint in my tea and it tastes lovely.


One of the most powerful oils when it comes to immune support, healthy lungs or oral hygiene. This oil blend will change your life. Read more about Thieves in your home. You can also use it to refresh your shoes. The most common use for me is in a tea with honey to sooth my throat.


One of the best blends Young Living has. Unfortunately it is not available in Japan, but in US and Europe it is part of the PSK. It supports healthy joints and eases minor head tensions. It is very comforting after exercise. You can rub it on your muscles with coconut oil.



Supports healthy joints and cartilage function and promotes wellness. It is also essential oil enhancer when used with other oils and great for respiratory system support.  Add to your bath salts for extra relaxing times with Peppermint or Panaway and Epsom salts. For beautiful Eyes, add it to your Eye Serum with Lavender and Frankincense and it will work wonders.


For me one of the most useful oils. It supports healthy digestion. I use it quite often in a vegetable capsule. You can also just rub it on your tummy or drink with water.


Stands for Respiratory Conditions and that is exactly what this oil does. Supports healthy respiratory system. You can use it in a diffuser or topically when congested or rub on your chest when need to sooth your throat.


True treasure in your Premiums Starter Kit. Supports healthy skin, calms your body and your mind. Very spiritual oil that enhances your meditation and supports your mental balance. I add it to my Eye serum and Face serum for skin firming effects. I also diffuse it during ME time.



Made especially as the Smell buster blend. It freshens the air, eliminates odors, improves appearance of the skin and helps to scare the bugs away. I use it on my laundry for beautifully fresh smelling laundry. I apply on my feet before going outside. I also use it on my skin when I see some imperfections and blemishes. I add few drops into my vacuum cleaner.


The most basic yet amazing oil in the PSK. Should be in every home. Freshens your air, works as a natural degreaser and cleaner and enhances flavor of your dishes. Works great on your skin to balance oil levels. I put a drop of Lemon oil in my water through out the day. I use it when cleaning, as it removes gum, glue, crayons, basically most of the things we find on the floor or table after our kids are done playing. It is great in salad dressings and cookies. Add it to your hair deep cleansing mask to remove the petrochemicals from your hair for beautiful shiny hair.


Amazing blend that does exactly what it says. It melts your stress and tension and promotes relaxation and emotional well being. Rub in behind your ears or inhale for emotional support

Stress Away

NingXia Red

Powerful antioxidant drink for overall health for the entire family. Read more about NingXia red and why you should drink it every day here  You can make delicious Punch or Lemonade or add it to your morning smoothie.


If you want to know more about Premium Starter kit and how to get your oils, you can sign up here or send me a message . You can also connect with me on Facebook


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How to fight age and have beautiful healthy skin without chemicals 

We cannot control what is outside, in the air, attacking us, but we sure can control what is in our homes and what we put on our bodies and what we put inside.

We are trying to eat healthy, we choose organic over non organic. We want to know what we consume. We want the best nutrients for ourselves.

But what about our skin? Doesn’t our skin deserve the same? Our skin shows exactly what we are going through. Did we get enough sleep? Did we drink enough water? Are we stressed or happy?

Healthy and happy skin glows. We all want that. Stores are full with products promising us healthier looking skin. But at what cost? Many of these products contain ingredients we can’t even pronounce. Sure they must be good for us when they sell them, right? Well I don’t think so. I decided I will go the Chemical Free way to feed my skin. The same way I try to eat, my skin should eat. And I’m using my Essential oils for that.

Note I only use Young Living Essential oils. For me it’s the best quality products out there and I want the best. We absorb up to 65% of things we put on our skin so I want to be sure my skin care is safe and healthy. And they smell so good!

So I make all our family skin care products using Young Living oils. Today, I made Face serum and I used these oils

8 drops Sacred Frankincense

6 drops Helichrysum

6 drops Myrrh

6 drops Lime

4 drop Manuka

6 drops Cedarwood

8 drops Geranium

5 drops Tea Tree

I swirl it in the pump bottle so they can synergise together, then pour about 5 ml of Avocado oil and 30 ml of Jojoba or Argan oil.

I use this morning and evening, so does my husband. It is really great when you don’t have to buy different product for each family member! There is love in sharing

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If you would like to get your Young Living Essential oils with 24% discount from Retail price, sign up for membership here. If you would like to learn how to get your oils for FREE, send me a message

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Consult a physician before starting any weight-management or exercise program.

Chemical Free Hair Deep Cleanse

As any other part of our body, our hair is constantly overloaded with toxins and chemicals we encounter during the day. It builds up and sticks on our hair and scalp. Store bought Deep Cleanse products are very strong and they dry out our scalp and hair.

I prefer using natural products made with my beloved Young Living Essential Oils. I only use Young Living because they are the best and guaranteed 100% organic.

This is simple Deep Cleanse you can do at home. It does not take much time and effort  You need Lemon, Rosemary and Tea Tree Essential oils, 100 ml bottle and aprox 80 ml of warm distilled water. All these oils are high in monoturpines. The Lemon is very good in removing petrochemicals and the blend of these three oils will have you clean your hair and scalp.

You add 20 drops of each oil. Add them to your bottle first and swirl the bottle around to blend them well. Do not shake at this point! Oxidizing the oils in the bottle would ruin them. At this point, you can let it sit in the bottle for about 24h for the oils to synergize or you can use right away. If you will be applying right away, add warm water. Now shake so it will combine and mix with the water.

You should wet your hair before you add the warm water. Once you mix it with warm water, you apply right away. Use Dropper bottle or Sprayer Bottle for easy application. Shake while applying. Then cover your hair with a shower cap and wait for at least 10 min, but you can wait longer. Depending also how much build up you have.

Then wash off regularly and use your Essential oil Conditioner
This quantity is good for shoulder length hair. If you have short hair you may use half of the amount or double it for longer, thick hair.  Remember this is not your every day routine, more like once in a while so the amount of Essential oils used is high.

If you would like to learn more about Essential oils, how to use them and also how to buy them with 24% discount, send me a message and connect with me on Facebook 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Consult a physician before starting any weight-management or exercise program.