Cooking with Oils, Quick and Easy

Sharing my Oily Love makes me happy. It’s one of those things that come naturally to me I think. Well, talking about food and making food… go figure

Today, I held a class for my Tokyo friends. It is fun opportunity to catch up with my oily sisters, talk about life, love, food and oils. Naturally. Since the cooking is also about oils. Why to cook with oils and how, to be precise.

So why we should use Essential oils and not the conventional herbs and spices? For one, the oils do not get bad. When you buy a package of spices, once you open it, air gets to it, they start loosing flavor. In Japan’s humidity, it tends to get moldy. But not only that. By drying up the herb, it looses 95% of its therapeutic value. And that is what bothers me. For me, food is not just a way to stuff our tummy full, food is a way of life, medicine and comfort. So I want my food to be delicious, healthy and health beneficial.

This is where my Young Living Essential Oils come in. And I am stating very clearly, I only use Young Living Essential oils. No other company in the world gives you the guarantee that their oils are pure, therapeutic and organic. Only Young Living has the Seed to Seal Guarantee and that is something you HAVE to require from your oils. Because if you do not know where your oils are coming from, how can you use them in your food? You should not.


Using Essential oils in your food has many many benefits. Essential oils, if stored properly, do not have shelf life, they do not get bad. So you do not run out of spices (unless you have not finished your bottle of course). Little goes a long way, so each bottle can help you prepare many, many dishes. And their most important benefit is their therapeutic power. They aid digestion, help to keep your gut healthy and running, preserve your food and much much more. They taste great and give my food a boost of flavor.

Today I prepared 3 coursed Lunch Meal consisting of Goulash Soup, Honey Mustard Salmon or Chicken over vegetable salad and Fruit Sorbet. In all our dishes we used Essential oils.

We started off with a shot of NingXia Red to boost our energy. NingXia Red is fantastic source of antioxidants and really boosts immunity. On a rainy day like today NingXia comes really handy for extra energy too. Then we went on preparing the Sorbet.


Fruit Sorbet (4 servings)

What you need

400 g of frozen fruits (can be fresh fruits too) we used mango, blueberries, mixed berries, banana and watermelon

2 tbsp of honey

2 tbsp of almond milk (you can use full cream or coconut milk instead or just water)

4 drops of each Citrus Fresh EO and Jade Lemon EO


Blend together, pour into container and freeze.

Here is where I always point out that for adults fun parties you can substitute the milk with tequilla or white rum to create frozen cocktails. They are so good! In that case, add some ice when blending it. Tastes divine. Serve with some Mint Leaves.


Once the sorbet was in the freezer, we moved on to marinate our protein. We had it chicken to salmon half and half ratio.

Marinade (4 servings)

2 tbsp of olive oils

2 tbsp of honey

2 tbsp of wholegrain mustard

2 tbsp of yellow mustard

1 tbsp of spicy mustard like dijon or japanese karashi


1 garlic, minced

2 drops of Orange, Lemon and Black Pepper EO

Salmon Fillets or Chicken Breast


First mix all the ingredience except the garlic and the protein. Keep half of the mixture for Salad Vinaigrette. Add garlic to the remaining mixture and coat your protein in it. Cover with foil and let marinate.



Now we moved on to prepare our Goulash Soup. This soup recipe is a combination of my tradition Czech Goulash Soup, Time management and Essential oils. Why I say that is that usually the soup is made from beef chunks, but for my cooking classes I use the minced meat version. It does not take long and it is very delicious too. Another reason why I prefer to make it from minced meat is  that my son prefers it that way. It is easier for him to eat.


Goulash Soup

1  onion

1 tbsp of sweet paprika

1-2 cloves of garlic

2 potatoes

1 carrot

1 tbs of flour

350 g of minced meat (best if mix of pork and beef)


Vegetable oil of choice

1.5 l of water or stock

Stock cubes optional

Marjoram, Black Pepper and Oregano EO


Sweat the onion with little bit of oil, add garlic, paprika and fry for a minute. Cut your potatoes into small cubes and slice the carrot. Add minced meat to the pot until it browns a bit, add little flour and mix it well. Then add your vegetables and pour water over it. If using stock cubes, add some. Use salt to taste and let it simmer for about 30 min. Check if all your vegetables are soft.

(If you want to do vegetarian version, replace your meat with mushrooms such as Oyster mushrooms and add those once your potatoes and carrots are soft and just boil for extra 5 min)

Mix your EO with little bit of water in a sprayer bottle and spray your bowl of soup with it. Why? You do not want to cook your essential oil. The heat destroys the therapeutic properties. Take your soup off the heat and serve before you spray your oil mixture on it. DSC_0116

Now that the soup was ready, we prepared Mixed Salad from variety of greens, some yellow bell peppers and tomatoes and made the Honey Mustard NingXia Vinaigrette. We took the remaining Honey Mustard mixture we had and added a shot of NingXia and 2 more drops of Jade Lemon EO and 1 drop of Black Pepper EO. Mixed it well, then sprinkled over the salad.


In a pan, we grilled our protein and placed it over the salad. Served together with the soup and the sorbet. It was delicious, filling and healthy.


Cooking with Essential oils is fun. Dont be afraid and try it yourself!


If you would like to learn more about what I do with my beloved Young Living Essential Oils, find me on Facebook. If you would like to purchase your Essential oils, send me a Message and I will help you to get  started and even get your oils for FREE!

These statements has not been evaluated by the FDA or any other local authority. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Does Beer Belong To Our Beauty Routine?

In my country, Czech republic, Beer is part of our life. We produce the best beer in the world and we love it. We are number 1 in beer consumption per capita. It is cheaper to buy beer in a restaurant then buy soft drink! Yes! It’s just the way it is. Czech people love their beer and are not afraid to use it. For everything and anything.


My mom has few amazing recipes for beer marinated meat dishes, I marinate ribs in beer before BBQ. It’s delicious and juicy. Manufaktura, Czech cosmetic company, has entire line of beer cosmetics that is based on Czech beer tradition and they are popular around the world. First notes of using beer in cosmetics in Czech dates to 10th century! You can also find Beer Spa in many cities in Czech republic. Yumm




Beer is a unique source of vitamin B, minerals and polyphenols. It helps to regenerate skin and to protect it from outside damage.  When it comes to hair, it helps hair to de-tangle after washing, gives it extra shine and protects and regenerates the hair. Basically in Czech, Beer is an answer to everything.

Thanks to my Czech friends, I was offered the opportunity to share my love for healthy beauty routine on Japanese Tv Channel 1, Asa Ichi. They wanted to show how you can use beer, besides just he obvious, drinking it. The show was fun and interesting, they cooked Beer Rice, Beer Pancakes and Doughnuts, used beer for cleaning the house and also showed beer bath and my own beer hair care. They came to our house for a fun shoot.


First of all I did simple Hair Beer Rinse. It is very traditional hair routine in Czech. Our grandmas did not buy expensive hair products yet had beautiful and strong hair. After washing your hair, simply rinse your hair with aprox 500 ml of beer and massage it into your scalp. Let it work for about 5 min then rinse with cold water and dry. Your hair will be smooth, shiny and the color brighter. If you do this regularly, your hair will grow stronger and if you have dry scalp, it will help with it too.

The next thing I showed them was Hair Spray for volume. This one I make in small quantity, so I can use it up in 2-3 uses. Approx 100 ml of beer, 3 drops of Lavender, Rosemary and Cedarwood Essential oils, Mix together and spray on your wet hair. Blow Dry and style as usual. Your hair will hold in place, no need to buy hair spray from the store, which is full of chemicals! Beer and Essential oils together will keep your hair in place, while giving it nutrients and vitamins it needs. Lavender, Rosemary and Cedarwood are my favorite oils when it comes to hair and I use them all the time. They help to regenerate hair to grow faster, stronger and shinier. My hair is so strong now that I use my oils regularly! What I like best about this spray is that I do not need to use store bought spray that has way too many chemicals in it, yet it does the job just as well and also makes my hair healthier. And my hair smells amazing! It is pure pleasure to use this spray. After using the spray put the remaining liquid in the fridge. Honestly best to make just small quantity. Also note I only use Young Living Essential Oils because they are the only company that offers Seed to Seal Guarantee and I know my oils are the best quality. That for me is super important. If you already go the extra step to use natural product, make sure your oil is also 100% therapeutic grade and has not been tinted. You can read on my article to learn more about Why Young Living


There is much more uses for Beer when it comes to Healthy Hair. Need a Hair Mask for Damaged Hair? Whisk 1 egg and 30 ml of Beer, 3 drops of Cedarwood Essential Oil and 3 drops of Clary Sage and put on washed hair. Massage into your scalp and let is work its magic for about 15 minutes, covered with foil and warm towel. Then wash off. You will love your hair.


If you want to learn more about Natural, Chemical Free Beauty Routine, follow my blog and find me on Facebook . If you would like to learn how to get your Young Living Essential Oils for FREE, send me a Message or sign up directly with Young Living to receive your oils with 24% discount HERE

You can watch the video HERE  Please note it is a recording from my phone so the quality is not that good. But I hope you enjoy it none the less.




These statements has not been evaluated by the FDA or any other local authority. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

Japan EXPO 2017

Today was my first large scale Young Living event, Japan EXPO. This weekend is also Live Your Passion worldwide rally, so it just worked out great. 

I was really excited to go, because many people I’ve heard of, were coming to Japan from different countries, like Nicolas Landel, who is Young Living’s expert on Lavender and Ed Daily, the Yoga specialist. I was also excited to meet the Young Living Japan staff and my Scentsible Tribe sisters. It’s always so much fun to see them, the amazing energy surrounding this group of people is just over the top. And also, I had my seminar on Cooking with Essential Oils, which is passion. 

Coming in I was able to try sweets made with EO from company in Osaka, who is just introducing it to the market. The Bergamot Chocolate was really nice surprise. First booth by the entrance was about the Lavender Farm and we were able to see it through the Virtual Reality Glasses. With the Lavender in the diffuser you really felt like you are right there. Now I know I really have to find time and visit the farm next July. 

Then we went straight to the NingXia Bar and had a smoothie. Oh yum! So much goodness! Naturally I got a brain freeze! David had a shot of NingXia to get energy and then we roamed the EXPO. We visited every booth and learnt so many new  things! David tried the Brain scanner with his favorite Hope and learnt that it increases his focus while it relaxes him. Great info, I think we will try use Hope during school work. Sounds like a plan. 

Then we went off to Nicolas Landel’s Lavender presentation and learnt great facts about Lavender. It was super interesting. Especially for me, considering I fell in love with Young Living thanks to Lavender. Once again, listening to Nicolas, it assured me that Young Living is the best company out there. They always take the extra step for quality. Love that. 

Young Living also introduced Savvy Minerals Make up line to the Japanese market and I think it was one of the most successful items of the EXPO. Savvy Minerals is amazing non toxic make-up line with huge choice of decorative cosmetics, foundation, blushes, eye shadows, lipsticks, lip glosses. It will be available for purchase first quarter of 2018 and I can’t wait. 

I’ve also did some shopping from the Special Offer list and got Young Living Cooking apron. And guess what, its red! I will absolutely share pictures soon. I also picked few oils for my friends. 

Then it came my turn for presentation. My presentation was on Why we should use Essential oils in the kitchen and how, with three simple recipes. The venue didn’t have proper kitchen so we had to improvise a bit. My Scentsible Tribe friend and sister Satoko was super nice and helped me with my presentation as my Japanese translator, so we had bilingual seminar. We explained basics about Essential oils, guidelines on use and then we proceeded to make NingXia Red Banana smoothie and NingXia Red Salad dressing. As we couldn’t let anybody taste the food, our viewers were at least able to see how quickly you can prepare delicious and healthy meals. I’ve shared my tricks on how to turn great healthy smoothie into ice cream or cocktails. So much fun! I received really positive feedback and that made me really happy. 

After my presentation, Marie had hers on use of EO in the bathroom, toilet and for laundry. So many great tips! Everybody loved her trick on putting few drops of EO inside the toilet paper roll, that way it will stay smelling great for a long time! 

At the end of the day we got super generous gift, cute carry bag for 10 oils with Neroli, Humility and Dill essential oils inside! It made me really happy. When I saw the carry bag, I was already happy, because it’s really pretty but then I realized it’s quite heavy so I knew there are some oils inside. I would never expect such a generous oils though! I’m blessed working with company which appreciates and values its people. 

The EXPO is still on tomorrow, Sunday Oct 15th with more yoga classes and great seminars, so do not miss it!!! 

If you would like to invite me for a cooking class or any other essential oils class for you and your friends, please contact me Here or you can find me on Facebook MamaD’sLife. Looking forward to hear from you 

Proc Young Living?

Toto leto jsem  opet stravila ve sve milovane Ceske Republice. A samozrejme, ze jsem sdilela i svoji lasku k essencialnim olejum. Essencialni oleje jsou velmi popularni, k memu soku se vsak prodavaji oleje, ktere bych k essencialnim snad ani nesrovnavala. Uvedomila jsem si, jak hrozne dulezite je ucit lidi kolem me pouzivat ty spravne oleje. Pouze kvalitni, garantovane bio essencialni oleje. Vite proc? Protoze kdyz nevite, odkud suroviny pro essencialni olej pochazi, co v te lahvicce vlastne je, kde se rostlinka pestovala a za jakych podminek, podstupujete obrovsky risk, pokud tento olej vubec pouzijete. Duvod je jednoduchy. Pokud farmar nema cistou, chemicky neosetrovanou pudu, nebo pokud pouziva postrik, aby mel vetsi vyteznost z plodiny, vsechny tyto chemikalie se vam dostanou do tela. Essencialni oleje jsou totiz opravdu silne. Napriklad Citronovy essencialni olej. Na vyrobu jedne 15 ml lahvicky se spotrebuje okolo 50 citronu. Ted si predstavte, ze techto 50 citronu bylo chemicky osetreno…. To neni hezka predstava, ze?


A proto ja pouzivam zasadne produkty od Young Living. Young Living jako jediny vyrobce essencialnich oleju na svete totiz poskytuje Seed to Seal Guarantee, coz je Garance od seminka po uzavreni lahvicky s olejem, vice si muzete precist Na teto strance Young Living vlastni svoje farmy a ma dalsi partnerske farmy, ktere poctive vybira. Puda, na ktere se rostliny pestuji, musi byt panenska, neboli nikdy nedotcena chemikaliemi. Tym odborniku testuje pudu, aby zarucili jeji kvalitu. Z vlastnich kontrolovanych semen plodiny sadi, celou dobu se vsechno dela rucne, bez chemie. Takze pokud se prijdete na firemni farmu podivat, muze se vam stat, ze v ramci prohlidky dostanete kyblik a pozvanku prilozit ruce k dilu a trhat plevel. Kazda farma ma i svoji distilerii. Tim se zaruci, ze kdyz plodiny dosahnout nejvyssi kvality a vyteznosti, ihned se sbira a distiluje. V prubehu distilace i plneni do lahve se delaji testy kvality, celkem se kazda lahvicka testuje 24krat, aby se k nam dostal jen nejlepsi olej. A toto vam bohuzel zadna jina firma nezaruci. A jak vsichni vime, papir snese vsechno. Takze spousta firem pise veci jako Cisty essencialni olej, atd a ve skutecnosti se tam toho cisteho oleje vyskytuje treba jen par procent, coz je pak malym pismem napsano vzadu. Takze ten olej sice stoji jen par korun, ale nikdo vam neni schopen rict, za jakych podminek byl vyroben a zarucit vam jeho kvalitu. A takovy olej opravdu pouzivat na plet nebo vnitrne proste nemuzete. Oleje od Young Living ANO! Vice si o Young Living muzete precist ZDE


Young Living ma vsechny produkty v bio kvalite, bez skodlivych toxinu. Nejedna se jen o essencialni oleje (firma ma v soucasne dobe na trhu pres 120 jednoslozkovych oleju, 80+ mixu, produkty osobni hygieny, kosmetiku, sampony, kremy na oblicej i na telo, vitaminy a mnoho dalsich vyrobku. Firma ma take vlastni diffuzery, abyste si mohli uzasnou vuni uzit po cely den. Nejnoveji ma take kompletni radu pece o miminka, repellent proti hmyzu, krem na opalovani a hlavne, uzasnou radu mineralni dekorativni kosmetiky Savvy Minerals! Konecne rada dekorativni kosmetiky bez vsech tech skodlivych toxinu, ktere kosmetika bezne obsahuje! Brzy vam radu Savvy Minerals predstavim bliz.



Young Living Essencialni oleje jsou tak kvalitni, ze se daji uzivat i vnitrne! Ano, muzete je pridat do napoju, udelat si caj, smoothie, nebo pridat do jidla pri vareni misto koreni! Essencialni oleje se nekazi, nemaji datum spotreby a jsou vzdy po ruce. Uz zadne kupovani drahych limet ci cerstvych bylinek! Jedna kapka oleje a mate vyborny a zdravy caj. Diky sve koncentraci a kvalite maji totiz Young Living essencialni oleje podpurne ucinky pro nas organizmus. Pomahaji nam s travenim a spravnou funkci tela.


Jeste pred lety jsem vzdy pri navsteve Ceske republiky nakupovala obrovske mnozstvi kosmetiky a ruznych vitaminu a produktu v lekarne. Stalo me to ranec penez a naplnila jsem tim cely kufr. Letos jsem v lekarne ani v drogerii nebyla a poprve jsem se vlezla do limitu s kufry. Protoze mi staci mych par lahvicek a vsechno si doma vyrobim. Nadherne vonici sprchove mydlo, telovy krem, serum pro krasnou a zdravou plet, vlasovou masku… Nase oleje jsou proste uzasne a ja doufam, ze se brzy pripojite do mych rad a zacnete je pouzivat take.

Jak na to? Je to velmi jednoduche. Kliknete sem a otevre se vam okno na zapsani do rad Young Living.. Clenstvi je zcela zdarma, zadne mesicni poplatky ci povinne objednavky! Vyplnte sve udaje, adresu atd a pak si vyberte produkty, ktere chcete. Ja vzdy doporucuji objednat si poprve Premium Startovaci Sadu, protoze obsahuje jedenact 5 ml lahvicek essencialnich oleju, diffuzer, 10 mini lahvicek na sdileni oleju a roll on nastavec. Startovaci sada ma hodnotu pres 350 euro, vy ji pri zapisu ziskate za 171 euro.  Pokud celou sadu nechcete, muzete si vybrat samostatne oleje podle vasich predstav. Dodani trva cca tyden. Zapsanim ziskate take pristup do uzasnych Facebookovych skupin plnych informaci o tom, jak oleje pouzivat pro vase zdravi a krasu. Naucim vas, jak oleje zaradit do vaseho kazdodenniho zivota tak, abyste nemuseli sahat po lekarnicce ci vykupovat drogerii. A musim vas upozornit, ze oleje jsou laska na prvni cichnuti a vznika na nich velka zavislost.


Pokud jeste nejste clenem me facebookove skupiny, kliknete sem nebo mi napiste zpravu. 

Velmi rada vam odpovim veskere vase dotazy a provedu vas uzasnym svetem essencialnich oleju Young Living. Vase Blanka

Hot Cross Buns with Essential oils

I love cooking and baking. Food in general is my big passion and ever since I started to use Essential oils, I also looked for ways to incorporate them in my food.

I have done lots of research to learn the Why and When and How, because cooking with Essential oils is a bit of science. You can’t just dump few drops here and there and hope for the best. You would ruin your dish.

First of all, I only cook with Young Living Essential oils. They have the best standards and as the only Essential oil company offer Seed to Seal Guarantee, which is very important. You cannot use oils that you have no idea where they came from or if they are diluted or tinted with God knows what. That’s dangerous. So please follow my suit and start using Young Living (pm me if you need to learn where to get your oils). Also remember, these oils are 100%, so highly concentrated, so little goes a long way.

The other day I woke up and felt like some hot buns. Hmmmm. I started to look for recipe for something delicious and came across one using dried spices. Not me! I reached for my Essential oils and voila, delicious buns came to life.

Would you like to bake some too? Here is your recipe

Hot Cross Buns with Essential oils
1 cup of milk

1 package yeast

3/4 c of brown sugar

1 tsp sugar

2 1/4 c of all purpose flour

2 c bread flour

1/2 cup of raisins or other dried fruits/candied fruits ( I used candied lemons with peel)

1 tsp salt

2 drops of Orange, Lemon, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Clove EO

4 tbsp unsalted butter

2 large eggs

1 egg yolk

1/4 tsp of vanilla
For the topping

1 tbsp of milk

1 tsp of powder sugar

1 drop of Lemon EO

Combine Luke warm milk, 1 tsp of sugar and yeast in a cup and wait till it gets foamy.

Combine both the flours, sugar, candies peels and dried fruits, salt in a bowl. Add butter. Whisk your eggs separately and add the EO into the egg mixture and combine, then add to the flour mixture. Keep mixing with bread hook on low until it combines and sticky dough form. Transfer to floured surface and knead until smooth. Form a ball and place it into a bowl that has been coated with oil. Let us rest for about an hour in a warm place.

After the dough has doubled, line a baking pan with parchment paper. Transfer the dough to a floured surface and knead some more, about 3 min. Divide into 12 pieces and form each piece into a ball. Set with spaces in between as they will double. Cover and let rise about 60-80 min.

Preheat your oven to 200 C. (400 F)

Before baking, combine the yolk with spin of water and and brush this mixture on top of each bun. Bake until golden, approx 20 min.

Transfer to wire rack to cool down. Combine confectionary sugar with spoon of milk and drop of Lemon EO and sprinkle over the buns and make a cross.
I hope you enjoy it. We are small family so I baked from half portions and had 6 big buns. I had one bun left the next day so I made French toast from it for Little D for breakfast. It was great!

Connect with me on Facebook or send me a Message if you would like to learn more about me and how to get your Young Living Essential oils. I can also help you getting your oils for FREE!

Winning the Chemical Free Battle

I am all in when it comes to Chemical Free home. Except make up to be honest. I am yet to learn how to make that. But make up apart, most of our products st home is Made By MamaD alas me. 

I enjoy it, it gives me good feeling to know I am doing the best I can to keep my family healthy. Not using all the toxic products has great impact on all of us and I can feel it on myself every day. I feel better, my hormones are finally being in check, my skin is glowing, hair is strong and I finally grow nails that don’t chop after washing dishes. 

For a while, my husband was resistant, he would let me use my oils on him for massage but rest of the products, not really. Little by little, he started using my beauty face serum on his face and saw amazing changes in complexion. Then it was Body Butter. He enjoys the texture and the smell. But today, I experienced real break through, one I am very proud of and that made me happy. 

While he was showering, our body soap was running low. I was in the bathroom so he called out Honey, you need to make more body soap! The fact that he asked me to make more, not to go and buy, was gratifying. Cause my husband is really picky when it comes to personal hygiene products. 

So naturally I obliged. I quickly made new batch of Body soap and this is what I used 

Foamy Body Wash

1/2 cup of Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castille Soap

2 tablespoons of Liquid Honey

5 drops each of Joy, Cypress and Myrtle Essential oils

I topped the container with water 3/4 full and swirled around for the honey to dissolve 

Why did I choose these oils? 


I love the smell first of all. But it has great qualities, it works as natural deodorant, which is really handy these days. Cypress supports respiratory system, so why not to inhale something this good while showering? It’s also great to the fight my orange skin and it support overall circulation. Great for my husband’s tired legs. And one of the best things is it Aids Toxin removal from Body. Just awesome oil to add to your beauty routine. Use it in your hairspray too and you will see the huge difference. 


Myrtle first appeared in the Ancient Greece history in connection to Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty. So when it comes to your beauty products, Myrtle should play part in it for sure. Again, it helps eliminate bad odours, so it’s very helpful in hot days. It helps to keep our skin healthy and eliminate the signs of aging. That alone sold me on Myrtle when I first bought it. And since Aphrodite used it, it plays big role in the Love department too. 

Last but. It least, I used Joy. 

Joy is really complex blend and contains fantastic oils for beauty. It has also strong floral smell so it was great addition to our Body wash. And it really does lift the mood up. It is very happy Oil indeed. 

What about you? Are you making your own beauty products yet? No? Send me a message and I’ll teach you one on one. 

Please note I only use Young Living Essential oils and they are the best and the only oils I can trust when it comes to applying on my skin or ingesting.