Japan EXPO 2017

Today was my first large scale Young Living event, Japan EXPO. This weekend is also Live Your Passion worldwide rally, so it just worked out great. 

I was really excited to go, because many people I’ve heard of, were coming to Japan from different countries, like Nicolas Landel, who is Young Living’s expert on Lavender and Ed Daily, the Yoga specialist. I was also excited to meet the Young Living Japan staff and my Scentsible Tribe sisters. It’s always so much fun to see them, the amazing energy surrounding this group of people is just over the top. And also, I had my seminar on Cooking with Essential Oils, which is passion. 

Coming in I was able to try sweets made with EO from company in Osaka, who is just introducing it to the market. The Bergamot Chocolate was really nice surprise. First booth by the entrance was about the Lavender Farm and we were able to see it through the Virtual Reality Glasses. With the Lavender in the diffuser you really felt like you are right there. Now I know I really have to find time and visit the farm next July. 

Then we went straight to the NingXia Bar and had a smoothie. Oh yum! So much goodness! Naturally I got a brain freeze! David had a shot of NingXia to get energy and then we roamed the EXPO. We visited every booth and learnt so many new  things! David tried the Brain scanner with his favorite Hope and learnt that it increases his focus while it relaxes him. Great info, I think we will try use Hope during school work. Sounds like a plan. 

Then we went off to Nicolas Landel’s Lavender presentation and learnt great facts about Lavender. It was super interesting. Especially for me, considering I fell in love with Young Living thanks to Lavender. Once again, listening to Nicolas, it assured me that Young Living is the best company out there. They always take the extra step for quality. Love that. 

Young Living also introduced Savvy Minerals Make up line to the Japanese market and I think it was one of the most successful items of the EXPO. Savvy Minerals is amazing non toxic make-up line with huge choice of decorative cosmetics, foundation, blushes, eye shadows, lipsticks, lip glosses. It will be available for purchase first quarter of 2018 and I can’t wait. 

I’ve also did some shopping from the Special Offer list and got Young Living Cooking apron. And guess what, its red! I will absolutely share pictures soon. I also picked few oils for my friends. 

Then it came my turn for presentation. My presentation was on Why we should use Essential oils in the kitchen and how, with three simple recipes. The venue didn’t have proper kitchen so we had to improvise a bit. My Scentsible Tribe friend and sister Satoko was super nice and helped me with my presentation as my Japanese translator, so we had bilingual seminar. We explained basics about Essential oils, guidelines on use and then we proceeded to make NingXia Red Banana smoothie and NingXia Red Salad dressing. As we couldn’t let anybody taste the food, our viewers were at least able to see how quickly you can prepare delicious and healthy meals. I’ve shared my tricks on how to turn great healthy smoothie into ice cream or cocktails. So much fun! I received really positive feedback and that made me really happy. 

After my presentation, Marie had hers on use of EO in the bathroom, toilet and for laundry. So many great tips! Everybody loved her trick on putting few drops of EO inside the toilet paper roll, that way it will stay smelling great for a long time! 

At the end of the day we got super generous gift, cute carry bag for 10 oils with Neroli, Humility and Dill essential oils inside! It made me really happy. When I saw the carry bag, I was already happy, because it’s really pretty but then I realized it’s quite heavy so I knew there are some oils inside. I would never expect such a generous oils though! I’m blessed working with company which appreciates and values its people. 

The EXPO is still on tomorrow, Sunday Oct 15th with more yoga classes and great seminars, so do not miss it!!! 

If you would like to invite me for a cooking class or any other essential oils class for you and your friends, please contact me Here or you can find me on Facebook MamaD’sLife. Looking forward to hear from you 

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