Winning the Chemical Free Battle

I am all in when it comes to Chemical Free home. Except make up to be honest. I am yet to learn how to make that. But make up apart, most of our products st home is Made By MamaD alas me. 

I enjoy it, it gives me good feeling to know I am doing the best I can to keep my family healthy. Not using all the toxic products has great impact on all of us and I can feel it on myself every day. I feel better, my hormones are finally being in check, my skin is glowing, hair is strong and I finally grow nails that don’t chop after washing dishes. 

For a while, my husband was resistant, he would let me use my oils on him for massage but rest of the products, not really. Little by little, he started using my beauty face serum on his face and saw amazing changes in complexion. Then it was Body Butter. He enjoys the texture and the smell. But today, I experienced real break through, one I am very proud of and that made me happy. 

While he was showering, our body soap was running low. I was in the bathroom so he called out Honey, you need to make more body soap! The fact that he asked me to make more, not to go and buy, was gratifying. Cause my husband is really picky when it comes to personal hygiene products. 

So naturally I obliged. I quickly made new batch of Body soap and this is what I used 

Foamy Body Wash

1/2 cup of Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castille Soap

2 tablespoons of Liquid Honey

5 drops each of Joy, Cypress and Myrtle Essential oils

I topped the container with water 3/4 full and swirled around for the honey to dissolve 

Why did I choose these oils? 


I love the smell first of all. But it has great qualities, it works as natural deodorant, which is really handy these days. Cypress supports respiratory system, so why not to inhale something this good while showering? It’s also great to the fight my orange skin and it support overall circulation. Great for my husband’s tired legs. And one of the best things is it Aids Toxin removal from Body. Just awesome oil to add to your beauty routine. Use it in your hairspray too and you will see the huge difference. 


Myrtle first appeared in the Ancient Greece history in connection to Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty. So when it comes to your beauty products, Myrtle should play part in it for sure. Again, it helps eliminate bad odours, so it’s very helpful in hot days. It helps to keep our skin healthy and eliminate the signs of aging. That alone sold me on Myrtle when I first bought it. And since Aphrodite used it, it plays big role in the Love department too. 

Last but. It least, I used Joy. 

Joy is really complex blend and contains fantastic oils for beauty. It has also strong floral smell so it was great addition to our Body wash. And it really does lift the mood up. It is very happy Oil indeed. 

What about you? Are you making your own beauty products yet? No? Send me a message and I’ll teach you one on one. 

Please note I only use Young Living Essential oils and they are the best and the only oils I can trust when it comes to applying on my skin or ingesting. 

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